Thursday, April 2, 2009

A passing thought.

Is it possible for another person to know the real you? Now by "real you" I mean, the you that you hide deep inside, the one that has doubts that are never voiced out loud and fears that never see the light of day. I know there are things I keep to myself even with my closest loved ones who already know most of my dark secrets. There are a few thoughts that I cannot put into words, a few fears that I don't think anyone else would ever understand. If you keep those deep fears and doubts to yourself than they can never really exist, can they? They can't be real until they are turned into thought and then made into spoken words, or is that just lying to myself telling me that? If I admitted to myself a little more often that it is OK to fail, it is OK for things to not always go as planned then maybe the perfect world that I build in my head (and real life never measures up to) wouldn't come crashing down around me when I slip and can't hold up one of the walls. What would happen if we actually aired out those things that we hold so close inside locked up in some place nobody else can ever find? Would we be judged and persecuted for thinking such an awful thing? If I were to be completely honest with myself and step out from my denial would I realize that I am not so different from everyone else? Does ever other person have the same thoughts? If you actually believe that someone out there knows everything about you, EVERYTHING, then you are a bigger person than I. I do have my choice few that I can share almost anything with. Almost being the key word. If you are the type that would voice any and every thought and feeling in your head and heart do you think others would be interested or get bored and annoyed by it?


  1. If only we humans were accepting enough to make absolute openness and honesty with each other viable. We might not even be accepting enough to be absolutely honest with ourselves, much less other people. Even if you were to reveal your deepest dark secrets and thoughts to someone, the person wouldn't entirely know you because that person can't see things through the eyes of your experience and thought process. Maybe the release of revealing all to someone is the appeal for some of counselors and confession.

  2. How deep you are Munjaros! I almost feel as if you one-upped my blog. I completely agree with everything you said, and perspective definitely has more to do with it than just sharing it out loud. Nicely put