Friday, February 5, 2010

on a side note

I would really like a new name for my blog. I mentioned the name "Sweaty palms" to The Man and he greatly discouraged the idea. I figured it made sense now that I am trying to take pictures of my inspiration written down on my hands...he said that anyone hearing the name would think of something entirely different... I am open to suggestions from all of you clever and wise followers of mine.
Any ideas??


  1. I like Sweaty Palms. Now if it was Hairy Palms, I'm not sure I could support that one.

    How bout "No Testostorogna Here!"

  2. Or anti testostorogna? i'm pretty sure that one hasn't been taken yet.

  3. Handy Thoughts? Palm View? A Brain in the Hand... hmmm I like that! I wouldn't want to name the blog anti testosterogna because I do want male followers.

  4. Uh... all of these manual references tend to bring to mind one thing. OK, so my mind lives in the gutter, but still, the onanistic train of thought cannot be entirely unique to me. All this hand stuff just kind of screams... well... uh... yeah.

    But uh... as long as you stick with the theme, I doubt that you'll suffer from a lack of male followers.