Sunday, January 10, 2010


For Christmas I decided that I wanted to take on a new project. A couple of months ago I bought a couple of books on acrylic and figured why not try something different. I have dabbled with painting in the past. I saw some pieces by an amazing watercolor artist and decided that was probably my calling, it was destiny, nevermind the fact that I have no experience or even talent in it. I tried. Everyone was very supportive, they helped me out and got me an easel, paints and brushes. When I decide that I am going to take something on I go all in, feet first I close my eyes and jump all the way in. So I painted and painted, they all turned out terrible, some would tell me how much they loved them and how talented I was... I did not believe them. See, I am very hard on my own work, I have to be! If I did not see all the mistakes and expect better of myself how would I ever grow or get any better? So, after trying and trying to force myself to be the watercolor genius I once believed I was... I have moved on. To be honest, I HATE painting with watercolor, it is too tame. I want to be able to put paint on my hands and fling it at the paper if that is what I am feeling.

I am taking on acrylic, so far I like it a million times more with the one piece I have started than all the other pieces I attempted with watercolor...

Here is the beginning of my new piece-
-you will just have to watch and see how it turns out and what
it may turn into.


  1. You gonna post pictures as it progresses, or make us wait till you finish?

  2. I will try to post as it progresses so you can see it as I see it in all of its stages. Maybe you will feel my pain and frustration as I feed my creative genius...