Saturday, March 28, 2009

The complications of bathrooms...

So I decided to redecorate my bathrooms, well more like update. Do you know how many colors and styles of bathroom rugs and towels there are out there? It is harder than you would think to pick a color to match something you already have and be positive that once it is in there and layed on the floor with all the matching accessories, that it will look pulled together like it did in my imagination when I was telling myself I could "totally" be an interior designer.
I have a palm tree shower curtain and I have had sand colored mats in there for the longest time, which was all fine and good but it needed something more, it was a little bland. I have also had blue and yellow towels in that bathroom from way back when, when we got married I did a tropical fish bathroom (hasn't every person who has lived on their own done a tropical fish bathroom at one time or another?) and never changed the towels. It was time for an upgrade.
I loaded the boys in the car and we headed out on our adventure, thinking this is going to be a piece of cake. We went to target and I bought each of the boys a bag of cheeto's and a bottle of water, to cut down on whining and fighting, and we headed to the bathroom stuff aisle. Do you know how many colors of green towels there are? There are mint green, lime green, neon green, dark green, blue green, forest green, olive green, and I still could not find the color I wanted. Also the only bathroom mats they had are the cheap ones that get flattened if you step on them with wet feet and they don't hold their shape very well, so I nixed that and we moved on to kohl's. Here is where the fun happens, the boys were done with their cheeto's and ready to get food and go home but I just had to find the right colors. So I put them both into a double cart stroller, looking ridiculous with my tall 6 year old loaded into a stroller thing, it was his choice though, he wanted to sit in it. So they are hitting each other over the front and back of their seats and kicking each other underneath, sticking their hands out and grabbing things as we go by them, grabbing edges of shelves so it makes me stop short. (so I take a deep breath and count to ten, I would rather not have the people in kohl's see me freak out at my kids) Isaac is shoving his feet underneath the cart as I'm pushing it and then he complains when it hurts? Hmmmm...
We get to the bathroom stuff aisle and there I am again, in a conundrum with the walls and walls of colors and textures. My sister in law, Grace, called looking for Matt and I had to ask, "What should I do, green or brown?" She said green which I was leaning towards, so I went with it. As my boys are crying that they are hungry and want to go home, leaning their heads out of the side of the cart and asking me what would happen if I hit the wall with their heads, I decided to go with a beautiful dark green, makes you think of glossy palm fronds. I found two gigantic green bath towels, that are actually too long to look decent hanging on my towel rod but, that's the way it is, they wrap around the boys nicely when they are wet and complaining of being "freezing". I found a rug and a toilet seat cover to go along with it and we were on our way! Hooray! My bathroom looks lovely and warm with the cushy green rug and seat cover.
So to any of you looking into bathroom upgrades, beware! Especially if you have children that need to be dragged along, or even husbands or significant others that will whine "Are you done yet? Can we go now? I want candy!!"
As we were walking out we walked by the kitchen rug aisle.... don't even get me started on that!!!!
I know that everyone reading this is envious because I have so much going on in my life, the writing materials I have are endless. My next blog might possibly be about "The art of cleaning a toilet and surrounding areas" ... be on the look out!

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