Saturday, March 28, 2009

Melt me!

May I just say that Michael Buble's voice sounds just like smooth butter. His song "Lost" is the one currently playing on my page. It also happens to be my favorite, FAVORITE song. Couldn't you just close your eyes and feel this song all day long, not even listen to it, but feel it, be it, immerse yourself in it? I feel it deep inside, deep down in the core of myself. Does that sound disturbing to some of you? Maybe to all of you.
Matt and I were driving somewhere in the car the other day and I had this song playing off of my ipod, one of the best purchases I have made in a long time is my car attachment so that I can listen to my music in the car when the mood strikes, so I just blurted out, "His voice is just like butter." I didn't think it sounded that strange, it makes complete sense to me. Matt just started laughing, he thinks I'm a freak. :) He loves me but he does not understand me. So I just thought I would put it down in writing so that everyone of my friends can wonder what is wrong with me. If you know exactly what I am saying when I talk like that, good!!!! I am glad you feel music in your soul. That's where it should be felt, not just the surface, just the listening with your ears or liking the words a little. No, deep down, in your stomach, in your blood, makes you want to close your eyes and just be the music. Makes me wish I could sing. I try, but I wish I really could... I wish I had a voice that could make people feel the way that I am trying to explain. I guess that is not my calling, I must have other hidden talents that are yet to be unearthed and discovered, maybe I am an unbelievable gymnast?? I will have to test it out and see.
Hope my thoughts are not too scattered to be understood. ~A

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