Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sitting in the sun, there are clouds in the sky but it is still hot. The sun goes behind a cloud for a few minutes and a little breeze picks up. I raise my face to feel the cool air blow across it. There is the sound of a lawnmower somewhere in the neighborhood and a slight smell of fresh cut grass travels on the wind.
I hear the laughter and squeals of children.
The cloud passes and the sun makes me squint. It's hot again, I can feel it on my skin warm and bright. I gaze out at the field full of corn, the tops sway with the breeze. The neighbors sunflowers are tall and starting to bend, bowing their heads from the weight of the giant yellow flowers the size of a dinner plate.
A dog is barking, I shift and feel my back stick to the chair. There are two butterflies dancing in the air across the yard letting the wind toss them right to left. There are more clouds in the sky now, maybe we will get rain tonight. It's supposed to be even warmer tomorrow...


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